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Sino-Trust is a top supplier on metal trade, sourcing form worldwide producer.

Our scrap team is participated in Steel Scrap, Pig iron, Mill scale business for years, sourcing from USA, Europe,Australia,Japan and Russia. We are top rank in Asia Market and have the good reputation.

Chrome team mainly manage Chrome product including High carbon Ferro-chrome, Low Carbon Ferro-Chrome, Chrome ore. We have stock in main port yard for market distribution, is able to support customers as producing request. We can make convert business for Cr ore and Fe-Cr. The flexible trade method, reliable quality and solid finance support make us cover more market in China.

Ferroalloy team mainly handle all Ferroalloy product including Mn series ferroalloy, Si series ferroalloy, and Ferro-Molybdenum, Mo-Oxide, Metal Silicon, Metal Manganese, Metal Chrome, FeV, FeP, Fe-Ti, Fe-W.

Non-ferrous team mainly participate in Non-ferrous scrap, including Copper Scrap (1#,2# Cu scrap and 2# Copper chops), Brass scrap (Honey and Ocean), Aluminum scrap (Zoba and Twitch), Motor scrap and meatball, ICW, Plastic scrap. We source from producer worldwide through off-take, purchase and market arrangement.

Stainless team manage stainless scrap and Ferro-Nickle. With stainless steel industry development, Sino-Trust extend stainless scarp business, meantime make us becoming a main role in supply of ferro-nickle.