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Oil , LNG & LPG

Modern industry advance rapidly, petroleum products have been increasingly widely used in almost all industrial sectors. China as main consuming and importing country in the world, has become business partners of the world's main oil refineries. Sino-Trust Group, as China's outstanding energy companies , are occupying an increasingly large share.  Recently,Sino-Trust Group has gradually establish a mutual benefit and win strategic partnership with the major oil refineries in Russia, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and other oil-exporting countries. Petroleum products can be broadly divided into the following categories:
1 Fuel: LPG, gasoline, aviation gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene lamps, diesel oil, heavy oil, etc.  
2 Lubricants and related products.  
3 Rubber Process Oil, paraffin, bitumen, petroleum coke.  
4 Solvents and chemical raw materials.
LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas ) is the main component of propane (95%), a small amount of butane. LPG are used as cooking fuel and also used as a light-duty vehicle fuel.

Rubber process Oil as one of raw materials in tire-making, lubricants, petroleum jelly and etc, are more and more getting the favor of users. 

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) , as a clean, efficient, convenient and safe energy, with its high calorific value, less pollution, and convenient transportation has become one of high-quality energy sources
which people can choose in a modern society.