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Sino Trust Group at all times commits herself to pursue the concept of reasonable utilization of resources and concentrate herself also on resource's sufficient recycling. The history of human development is also a history of resources utilization. In pace with revolution and developments of industrializations, human being's dependence on natural resources is getting bigger and bigger, whereas the globalization of economic development gets one-off resources less and less. Therefore using natural resources wisely, exploiting reusable resources has turned to be an important guarantee to ensure continuable growth of economy, this is also what Sino Trust Group stands for.

Sino Trust Group bases herself upon China, expands activities all over the world. Sino Trust, jointly with her partners, strive

for mineral resource's reasonable utilization. Already Sino Trust has handled iron ore, chrome ore, manganese ore, nickel ore, copper concentrate, lead concentrate, coal and coke, fertilizer, farm products etc, which are taken from markets globally and to market mainly in China, served to end consumers.

The huge logistic system Sino Trust established, provides powerful safeguard to utilize and optimize resources. Sino Trust successfully achieved a considerable market share in chain of resources supply. Sino Trust Group pays attention to resources recycling at the same time when they utilize them. Established strategic co-operation with global leading scrap recycler, Sino Trust involves deeply in resources recycling - steel, copper, aluminium, stainless steel, special alloy and mixed metal scrap. Sino Trust respects the benefits of recycling - saving energy, minimizing the waste, conserving natural resources.

Supporting Sino Trust core activities are a group of talented people, energetic, enthusiastic, and responsible. Combine with Sino Trust people years of efforts, experiences and visions, the group has achieved a sustained, fast-paced growth in the past decade. Now the group has formed a development model of strong competition, specialization and mixed culture.

Setting her development logo as " Devotion , Co-operation, Innovation " , Sino Trust people will constantly endeavor to maintain her position at forefront of the industry, expand her global presence, contribute developments of global economy, following needs of the enterprise, market and society.